Summer 2017

Does anyone ever know how to start these out??? Guess we will start with me. Hi:) I’m a mother of 2, boy and a girl. I’m short in stature, 5’3 barely 😂 I’ve never been the thin girl, thats okay with me, no one is perfect. Skinny girls want to be thick, thick girls want to be skinny. The grass is always greener on the other side, ya know ? Anyways….rant over. What I’m trying to say is everyone has something beautiful about them. No one is better than me and I am no better than anyone else. If your reading this, its nice to meet you I’m Tiffany. Thanks for joining me on my journey through life and motherhood…

Now this is ^ alexis, she’s 18 months shes my baby. Girls are just different, more innocent, kind of…Down here is my oldest, wildest, Zackary hes 4. He definitly keeps me on my toes thats for sure. Never think you can love someone like that until you do i guess. Dont get me wrong Zack can be the sweetest boy ever sometimes but when it comes to his little sister… Uh uh. He hates her. Lol I hate saying that but he does. Getting pregant with my second child I knew my oldest would be jealous but this is not jealousy this is dont come near me and dont touch my shit. 😂 

Anyone else deal with this on a daily basis? Does it ever stop?????🙀🙀🙀